Fwd: [tmql-wg] TMQL Issue: Functions and Predicates as first-class topics

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Thu Mar 15 13:12:36 EDT 2007

>>> What about allowing this in CTM:
>>>   person rho
>>>      shoesize 43
>>> which is saying
>>>   rho isa person
>>>   shoesize: 43
>> I'll leave it to the other Lars to tell us whether that's workable  
>> or not in CTM.

The problem is, that we need a delimiter somewhere because the scope
is not delimited explictely.

   Current CTM:

   rho isa person
   homepage: http://www.... @au office
   shoesize: 43

If we want to eliminate the colon, we could write

   rho isa person
   homepage http://www.... @(au office)
   shoesize 43

which I find less readable than the version with the colon. And in
Leipzig the committee decided that CTM with colons is more readable
than a version without. We presentent a version without the colons,
but it was not welcomed.

>>> or dropping the tmql: prefix
>>>    def nr_employees
>>>        return fn:length ( $o <- employer)
>>> would also be a valid topic syntax.
>> This looks a lot nicer. What about parameter declaration? What  
>> about multi-line functions?

For the template syntax in CTM we use

    ctm:tpl identifier
            [... template content ...]

for templates which have only one paramter. If the template should
take more than one parameter, the user must use brackets.

     ctm:tpl identifier($param, $param)
            [... template content ...]

(The user can also use brackets for just one parameter but she is not
forced to do so).

A bit Ruby-alike.

We use a namespace instead of a keyword but I am open minded to change

Best regards,

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