[tmql-wg] Toma - Use Cases Solution

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ontopia.net
Sun, 14 Mar 2004 13:28:24 +0100

* Robert Barta
| Most feedback concerning this section was neutral to negative,
| actually.  Still I thought it is worth keeping them as they may
| occur quite frequently.

| If the feeling now is that it worth to work on this section then (a)
| Lars and I (I guess I can speak for him here) are happy to take
| input or (b) can certainly put some effort into these.

I think tightening them up to the point where all lists of topic
[T1...TN] and scope S etc are replaced by specific topics is all that
needs to be done.

Our only problem is that if we want to make the use case solutions
document an official document for the Amsterdam meeting we have to
send it in by Tuesday. So this may be difficult to do in the time we
have left.
| [ Digression:
| From a architectural point of view, one might be sceptical whether
| TMQL should really fully support these queries, in the sense "simple
| query = short query":
| The whole idea about SQL and XQuery, for instance, is to keep the
| application "as long as possible in the querying processor". The
| reason for this is that long, complex queries are much more
| effective to optimize compared to many small queries fired off from
| the application.
| I have seen RDBs running on quadruple Pentiums on load 20,
| sustained, just because some programmers (PHP, what else) tortured
| the database with trivialities.
| ]

I don't really see the problem. How does disallowing these queries
help with that?

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