[tmql-wg] Result set requirements

Rani Pinchuk Rani.Pinchuk@spaceapplications.com
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 14:26:34 +0100

> | Thanks for the explanation. I will have to think how to incorporate
> | this functionality into Toma. One difficulty is that when we allow
> | results that are not scalars, we cannot present in proper way the
> | results (like the nice output tables I have now) - so if I want to
> | implement it I should already start to think about API in the
> | environment I code. Any ideas?
> I think you shouldn't worry about it. Just say that the result
> contains information items from the TMDM, and then implementors can
> worry about how to represent it. You can still do a standard API if
> you want, but that then becomes a separate layer.

Meanwhile, I try to have the new features of Toma actually implemented
in the simple prototype I wrote. This way I am sure that I don't have a
big flow in the definition of the language (so something that cannot be
coded or syntax that doesn't make sence)... So I guess I am one of those
implementors - when I deal with a query that returns a node I need to
get a representation of that node that is clear enough to be able to
debug it :-)

BTW, is there any elegant full presentation of TMDM like the one for XTM
found in http://www.geocities.com/xtopicmaps/topic_maps_color.html ?