[tmql-wg] Updates in the document about Toma

Rani Pinchuk Rani.Pinchuk@spaceapplications.com
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 17:18:34 +0100

Dear all,

The document about Toma
(http://www.spaceapplications.com/toma/Toma.html) and the example topic
map were updated. 

The document about Toma contains now a section that answers section 3.6
("Specific query capabilities") of the TMQL requirements (1.0.0).
Besides, the "missing/future features" section got bigger.

I would really appreciate any feedback, especially about the chaining
rule (of associations), about the returned values from the query
(currently Toma returns only topics) and about the "missing/future
features" section.



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