[tmql-wg] Back again

Robert Barta rho at bond.edu.au
Wed Mar 28 23:20:54 EDT 2007

Hi all,

It appears that I am back online (after some ISP trouble and
with the help of larsbot resubscribing me).


Short info on what happened in Oslo: We went through most of the
issues and made decisions on these as well (yes, we are that good ;-).

The one with the highest impact is probably that we will try - against
all instincts and warnings - to refactor some TMQL blocks into other
standard parts, most notably

 (a) which atoms (integer, ....) are to be understood into CTM
 (b) all ontology-related stuff (also the inferencing) into   

(b) will allow TMQL to be "inferencing-agnostic", which means a
whole lot for architects which may or may not need a certain
inferencing power. If you have experience in this area and would
like to contribute to an "TM Ontology Language", please.....

The axes part will remain inside TMQL, although they have a strong
TMDM affiliation.


I will update the issues list with the changes in the next days and
will then continue you to pester with the open issues. A new version
of the document should appear not too long, in any case far earlier
than the official deadline:

   18048 - Topic Maps - Query Language (TMQL), 
      draft due from editors by 2007-07-02 for the 4 - 6 August, 2007 


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