[tmql-wg] Yet another draft + Issues list

Robert Barta rho at devc.at
Mon Jul 16 01:47:59 EDT 2007


As you might have seen already, Patrick has posted a new version of
the TMQL spec:


Major changes relative to Oslo are:

   - removed the environment map and the possibility there
     to express _any_ ontological information (this is supposed to go

   - aligned the data types with what CTM has

   - an 'occurrence' and a 'name' axis (in addition to 'characteristics'
     Note: I could not get rid of the 'characteristics' axis because we
     heavily rely on it in the auto-atomification section.

   - added the formal semantics (now aligned with TMRM, on which this
     was always based)

   - predefined environment now re-worked and in CTM notation

Otherwise lots of smaller bug fixes.

I also decided on some open issues NOT discussed in Oslo (there we
tackled all the bigger ones, so looking back this was quite
effective). Only two new ones I flagged, mostly in the interaction
with CTM:


So they might actually be more CTM-related.

If you have others and/or are unhappy with some of the decisions you
know where to find us :-)


Note: Due to problems on my end (moving to Europa and such), _this_
version of TMQL is _not_ implemented. Yet.


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