[tmql-wg] TMQL comments

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Fri Dec 29 11:09:42 EST 2006

Hi all,

Here some random thoughs / comments against the current draft dtd.
2006-12-22 <http://topicmaps.bond.edu.au/junk/tmql.html>

Nothing overly important, though ;)

2 Normative references
The reference should be: "13250-6"
Additionally, the official name is "Topic Maps - Compact Syntax"

3.2 Ontological Comittments



Should be: 'tmdm' or (better) 'dm'?


XQuery and some other XML-related sources refer to the XML Schema
Datatypes with the 'xs' prefix. I am not sure if we should also adapt
the 'xs'

4.2 Atoms
[3] boolean ->  True   |   False 

Should be: true | false since 'True' and 'False' are not 
valid values for xs:boolean.
(From a programming language designer POV I understand why the terms
are capitalized (they are constants)), but I think the alignment to
xs:boolean is more important).

4.3 Item References
If the item reference is an identifier (without prefix) then this
identifier is interpreted as a item identifier for a topic in the
context map. The result is then this topic item. If no such topic
exists, an error will be flagged.

Why is such an reference 'just' interpreted as item identifier? IMO it
would be better, if such an reference is interpreted as 'Either a topic
with the specified subject identifier OR item identifier', since there
can only be one topic with either the item identifer or subject

2nd example:

The following content is interpreted first as a URI value. The
trailing = then signals that the URI should be interpreted as source
locator for a topic in the context map.

I think that is a typo. You mean "subject locator".

Best regards,

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