[tmql-wg] First TMQL WD published

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ontopia.net
Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:44:56 +0100

* Lars Heuer
| Congratulations! :)

Thank you. :-)
| I did a quick look at it and have a (maybe too early) question: Why
| did you decided to use the term "bn" for topicnames and not "tn"?
| "tn" seems to be more natural in respect to the TMDM, or not?

That's a valid point. I'm not sure I want "xx" type operators for
these things at all, but Robert and I haven't really started
discussing things at this level yet. At the moment our concerns are
questions like:

 - how do we combine path expressions and predicates?

 - do we really need both FLWR and SELECT?

 - what should the math core look like?

 - do we specify semantics both in prose and maths, or just maths?

 - etc

So I think the editors aren't really ready to answer your question
yet; the bn/in/oc operators may be replaced by something else in the
next draft anyway (say "/" and "//").

If you have thoughts on the higher-level questions, that would be
really welcome, and also if you think we've left something out, or
should leave out something we've included.

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