[tmql-wg] Hello and proposal

Steve Pepper pepper@ontopia.net
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:36:53 +0100

Hi Stefan,

Welcome to the TMQL list! It's great to hear of your interest
in TMQL and the work you have been doing.

As convenor of the ISO working group responsible for Topic
Maps, TMQL and TMCL, I would like to invite you to attend
our next meeting, which will take place in Amsterdam from
April 14-18. The first three days of this meeting will focus
on TMQL and TMCL. The last two on the restatement of ISO

If you are interested in attending the meeting, please get
in touch with me directly and I will provide you with the
necessary information.

Best regards,


Steve Pepper <pepper@ontopia.net>
Chief Strategy Officer, Ontopia
Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34/WG 3
Editor, XTM (XML Topic Maps 1.0)