[tmql-wg] Call for TMCL Proposals [Was FYI: New attempt with TMCL Lite]

Mary Y. Nishikawa mnishikawa@f08.itscom.net
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 23:54:53 +0900

Hi Dmitry,

It may be time for you to submit a document to ISO as your proposal for TMCL.
Are you going to Amsterdam, and if so, are you scheduled to give a 
presentation of your ideas?

I realize that formalities are not the most essential part of this process,
but it would then require the national bodies to review your work.

There have been a few comments here and on the TMQL list about what TMCL is 
and what it isn't.
I think that there was even a comment that it looks like OWL lite.

I suspect that there may be a few more proposals in the minds of the people 
here. Graham and I hope to receive then soon!

Best regards,

PS: I will get to some of the other comments on the list as soon as I can. 
I am really backlogged after beginning a new job.

At 22:57 04/03/06 -0500, you wrote:
>I am working on extending ideas about TMCL Lite schemas described here:
>I tried to define Partial Type Descriptions (PTD) using Topic Maps.
>My sample can be found here (it uses only base name constraints now):
>Explanation of how to use sample:
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