[tmql-wg] Basename duplication ... ?

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ontopia.net
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 09:37:05 +0200

Hi Michael,

* Michael Chapman
| I have a basic -though I hope not trivial / frequently answered-
| question.  The question relates to TMs and not TMQL, but it has
| arisen in relation to what I feel is a fundamental point about
| TMQL(s). In trying to better express the latter, I did some research
| and found the following:
| 	"F.6.2 Topic name duplicate suppression
| 	"[If] basename B1 ... is equal to [basename B2] [in the same 
| 	scope] [a]  basename B3 is created which contains a base
| 	name equal to [basename B1] ... . All variants of B1 are added
| 	to B3. All variants of B2 are added to B3. ... B1 and B2 no
| 	longer exist." (ref.1)

It should be noted that this applies to basenames belonging to the
*same* topic.
| So can one have two _different_ topics in the same (set of)
| topicmap(s) with the same basename?

Yes. You can even have different topics in the same topic map with the
same basename. TMDM gives the rules for this.
| Apologies again for being off topic, but it has (obvious) relevance
| to querying.

Indeed it has. :)

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