[tmql-wg] overview query languages

Stefan Henke stefanhenke@gmx.de
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:52:23 +0200

Iīm currently working on my master thesis about a "topic grid" (distributed
topic maps). As Iīm new to topic maps, Iīm not familiar with all parts of
it. Iīm wondering at the moment about the current status of the various
standards around topic maps (HyTM, XTM, SAM and soon) and especially a
standard for a query language (TQML). Thats why some questions, I would be
happy getting some answers to:
- what is the timeframe for TMQL to get published, so that there will be
implementations which support the specification?
- as querying topic maps is a main part of the topic grid, I want to give an
overwiew of currently available query lanuages. What do you think about the
most important languages: tolog, astma, empolis, toma, tmpath? Except for
tolog, I couldnīt find implementations of the languages which are available
either freely or as open source. Did I miss something or is this right?
- I had a look at tm4j. AFAK, tm4j supports tolog as query languages. Is
this right? Are there any restrictions or limitations of tolog support in

Sorry, partly the questions donīt directly refer to TMQL, but I think this
is the best "meeting place" for all the guys that are touch with query
languages for topic maps.