[tmql-wg] Proposed new non-requirement: administrative commands

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
21 Jun 2003 15:33:22 +0200

* Robert Barta
| My apologies for not responding to this.

Far better to be a little late than never. :)
| I think this is good as you suggest. Maybe a few words about what
| "administrative commands" would be, could be helpful. 

You are right. I'll put that in.

| Things coming to my mind ad-hocish:
|   - create/delete a TM collection
|   - apply optimization techniques to an existing repository
|   ? modification of TM data ????
|   - monitor a TM collection, reorganisations, snapshoting

These sound good, except for modification. The existing requirements
document states that that will be provided by part 2 of the TMQL
standard. Personally, I've been happy with that. What does everyone
else think?

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