[tmql-wg] Proposed requirements: Operations on primitive types

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I guess that the reason that I brought it up was that if anything is to
be done around typed resources it would be difficult to ignore the
existence of the class-instance mechanism.  The problem, as I see it,
would be making the connection between a TM class and a specific
primitive data type - it would not seem that appropriate for a query
language to be making the necessary assertion and there are currently no
PSI's for them.


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* Chris Angus
| It is not clear to me that TM standards are oblivious to typing
| given the existence of published subject indicators for
| "class-instance", "class" and "instance".  What XTM 1.0 does not
| include are any published subject indicators for classes that
| represent underlying data types such as "number" and "date".

That is of course true. I assumed Robert implicitly meant that the TM
standards are oblivious to *primitive* types and responded to that,
but you are of course right.

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