[sc34wg3] Virtual meetings?

Steve Carton steve.carton at retrievalsystems.com
Fri Mar 30 10:43:42 EDT 2007

I second the proposal -- seems like it would be much easier to meet as
frequently as we need to. 

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 I support Patrick's proposal to establish virtual meetings. 

When I came into ISO some two and a half decades ago, we didn't have the
tools available today, but there was an expectation that the work of the
committees should be done "by correspondence". Indeed, there was
considerable circulation of position papers, white papers, and other
documents besides drafts of standards throughout the old SC18. What is
now SC34 was then SC18/WG8, and we probably used that sort of
distribution less than the other SC18 WGs, but I once had a whole filing
cabinet of SC18/WG3 correspondence.

So, by all means, use whatever means you have at your disposal to hold
interim meetings, much as the OASIS ODF committee does. Just make sure
you keep records.

Jim Mason

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